1st of November in Amsterdam

International Retail & Franchise Event

The first International Retail and Franchise Event was a huge success! We are very excited to invite you to the next IRF 2018 “Going Dutch”.

International franchising is becoming more popular every day. How do international franchised businesses experience the well-developed, open and competitive Dutch market?

The next IRF event will be held on the 1st of November in Amsterdam. The location will be spectacular, just like our last event (Cars Jeans Stadion). We will reveal this location soon.

IRF wants to give a voice to the international retail and franchise community in the Netherlands. We offer inspiring speakers, networking and business opportunities.

If you are interested in joining us on the next IRF event, please show your interest by signing up below.

Retail & Franchise

Retail and Franchise are at the heart of the Dutch economy

Retail and Franchise are at the heart of the Dutch economy both from an inbound and an outbound perspective. Recent developments have shown that the voice of the international Retail and Franchise community needs to be heard. IRF aims to bring all interested in international Retail & Franchise together. You, suppliers, franchisors, distributors, retail and property experts, politicians, tax experts, ICT companies, fashion chains etc. are hereby invited to the IRF 2018 event.

IRF a platform for Retail & Franchise

Companies active in international retail and franchise

We deal with many companies active in international retail and franchise. We have noticed that many of these are very experienced and knowledgeable. Especially during the discussions on new franchise legislation, we missed their input. They were simply not part of the process. It would be good to provide a platform in the shape of the IRF for the international retail and franchise community and do so in English as many CEO’s are from abroad. There is so much good coming from these companies such as jobs for young people and innovations that actually work. We have received very positive feedback from many angles on our initiative.

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We welcome everyone but don’t have unlimited places. Please secure your attendance by sign up below. You are encouraged to bring a maximum of 2 guests.

We look forward to meet you at the next IRF event on the 1st of November 2018! More information on the exact location will follow soon.

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Be there!

The IRF 2018 is an international event for Retail & Franchise influencers, market leaders, suppliers, politicians and SME’s.
The Retail & Franchise Event 2018 will start in


Our fantastic location will soon be revealed!
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We will update the location. Stay tuned.